Farm Pond Campground

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Daily - Electric included                                        $30/nite

Weekly - Electric included                                   $180/week

Monthly(2+ months) - Metered electric additional             $400/mo


One family per campsite.   

Rates listed above are for 2 adults and 2 children.  


Cash or checks accepted.  Sorry, no credit cards at this time.

Monthly Camper Policies and Rates

Monthly rates are based on an
occupancy of 2 adults or a family of 2 adults and 2 children


Monthly campers must pay for electric usage.

Pay your rent and electric billings on the day they are du
Should you decide to move during the month there is no refund

Insulate your spigot and water line to prevent freezing

during winter usage or use heat tape

All other camping rules apply. 

We want to ensure the enjoyment of all our campers

For reservations call Lisa  at 910-947-5593  or